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 We now offer 3 seasons of activities

Spring plantings grow our summer flowers and vegetables that we offer to the public. Our first events are the blooming of the Sunflowers In June where you can visit and take pictures, play, Pick buckets or vases of flowers to enjoy at home stroll  the grounds, and shop some farm store items.  

Our Carrie Belle’s Sweet Treats Is open every summer to serve you  several choices of Blue Bell Ice cream or snow cones wed. – Sunday and homemade Peach and Blueberry Ice cream options are offered also only on Sundays

Our summer Tomato and corn crops can be purchased at the Shady valley Market here at the farm staffed or un staffed the market is her for your convivence pick up your selections and leave your funds in our honor box. 

Pre order your sweet corn by calling or texting Wanda  at 662-538-8990  leave your name, Number, and amount of corn you want.  $5 per dozen or $40 per100 ears. 

Fall is the time when the Wise Family opens the farm gate for the public to enjoy. Our Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze is a family friendly & fun event. Our Pumpkin Patch is a real field of pumpkins where you pick the perfect size and shape right off the vine. Our themed maze challenges young and old to find the way out! It is fun in the daytime, and our flashlight nights give maze visitors an even more exciting experience. Miles of trails, some leading nowhere, creates a tricky but fun adventure in the dark! Plus every guest goes home with beautiful fresh picked flowers and a pumpkin if you purchase our $12  Special Fall Admission Ticket.

Winter is A new Lighted Delight to experience with an array of activities . 

Wise Family Farm has many great activities sure to please any age.



We will try to answer any questions you may have below, but if we don’t answer them you can send us a message with the contact form to the bottom right. More questions answered on the FAQ page.

What days are you open?

 Carrie Belle’s  Sweet Treats Ice Cream

 Wednesday             10 am  to 7 pm 

Thursday                  10 am  to 7 pm   

Friday & Saturday:   10 am  to 7 pm

Sunday: Homemade Ice Cream  2pm  to 6pm 

Shady Grove Market  ( tomatoes) 

Open Daily  Purchases By Honor Pay box if no Attendant

 Summer Sweet Corn Sales: Place order via Phone 

Fall Hours are Yet to be Announced


Christmas Event Hours 

Mon. Tue. Wed.      5.30 pm to 8 pm $10

Thursday:               5:30  pm to 8 pm $12

Friday & Saturday:  5:30 pm to 9 pm $12

Sunday:                   5:30 pm to 8 pm $12


How much is admission to the farm?

*Fall Special: Free general admission to the farm with the purchase of a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch for $12.00.

*General Admission: If you do not wish to choose the Fall Special, Admission is $13.00 plus tax to get into the farm.

*Children age 2 and under will receive a free entry and pumpkin 

What does admission include?

Admission includes:

*Wagon Ride, Pumpkin Patch, Corn Mazes, Flower Picking, Age Appropriate Playgrounds, Petting Zoo, Hill Billy Golf, Yard Games, Pot Luck Entertainment, Nature Trail, and more is included with your ticket: Also on the Farm is the Shady Grove Country Store with Ice Cream Parlor, The Lone Star Grill, Junior’s Sweet Shack featuring Kettle Corn and Fresh Lemonade…..and Acres of Adventure!

What activities cost additional fees?

Additional Fees Apply For These Activities:

*Barrel Train Ride $2.00

*Face Painting $2.00

*Pumpkin Painting $2.00


*Pumpkin and Garden Market

*Items in the General Store

Do you have food to purchase while at the farm?

The Lone Star Grill
The grill has great food and everything you need for just a snack or a full meal. We’ve got the best hamburgers in Lone Star. We have a full menu of items including Juicy Hotdogs, Better than Momma’s Burgers, chips, nachos, cold drinks, hot chocolate and coffee, and Funnel Cakes!

Shady Grove County Store and Ice Cream Parlor
Tasty Pastries, Fudge Fudge Fudge, Bluebelle Hand Dipped and Wise Farmer Homemade Ice Cream

Junior’s Sweet Shack
Featuring Kettle Corn, Soft Serve Ice Cream & Freshly Squeezed Lemonade!

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